Ti Kwan Yin Jade Oolong
Ti Kwan Yin Jade Oolong

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Ti Kwan Yin Jade Oolong

A green brew, medium body, grassy and fresh flavor, with characteristic oolong astringency. The leaves open beautifully when brewed, so it is recommended to brew this tea in infusers that do not restrict the freedom of the leaves' movement. This tea can be steeped until the flavor is gone (about 3-4 times).

Tea Type: Oolong tea, caffeinated

Ingredients: Ti Kwan Yin Jade Oolong tea

  • Oolong teas may aid with weight loss *
Steeping Guide

Hot: 1 tsp/cup

Iced: 2 tsp/cup

195 °F 5-7 minutes