Shafa Blends is a woman-owned, family-run artisan tea and spice shop in Rockville, Maryland. We hand-craft specialty tea, spice, herb, botanical, and salt blends in small batches. Our focus is to create all-natural blends that make you better.


Farah (left) and Darioush (center), Kimia (right)

Our Mission

We encourage those who strive to live a healthy life, and who are motivated to create it for themselves. Every conversation, every creation, and every element of nature is an important component of what Shafa Blends has been shaped to be. We put care and love into every hand-crafted blend, package, and interaction. 

Our Family

Shafa Blends Founders

Farah (left) and Darioush (right) are the parents/co-founders of Shafa Blends 

 Kimia is one of the co-founders of Shafa Blends

Our History

Shafa Blends means "Healing" in Farsi and Arabic, which is the focus of our tea and spice blends. We want to provide you with creations that heal your mind, body and soul. 

Our family originally started out in 2015, offering specialty teas, spices, and blends in Bethesda, Maryland. During that time, the shop carried a variety of specialty spices, herbs, teas, and blends; however, we started to notice that our hand-crafted signature blends were becoming more popular, and our customers were excited about the creativity and uniqueness of each blend. 

In late 2017, we decided to pivot our business offerings and focus on developing specialty, hand-crafted tea and spice blends, produced in small batches. We opened a new shop called Shafa Blends. Shortly after this, we moved our brick-and-mortar to Gaithersburg, Maryland. We continued to sell our blends online and in-store, expanded our wholesale offerings, and start to have our blends available at local farmers' markets.

After almost two years at our Gaithersburg shop and with the increasing need for more space, we made the decision to move our brick-and-mortar to Rockville, Maryland! Our store is currently open for in-person shopping also you can shop our specialty products online and at our farmers' markets. 

We love our communities

During the years we have had the chance to meet so many amazing, powerful, and inspirational people (yes, we are talking about you!) and the interactions that we've had has given us so much energy and inspiration to grow, connect with people, be the place of encouragement and creativity, creating a sense of local community, and spreading joy and happiness.