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Floral Blossom Trio Blooming Tea

Floral Blossom Trio Blooming Tea

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The Floral Blossom Trio Blooming Tea is a unique blend of chrysanthemum, osmanthus, and jasmine that are tied together with steamed Yunnan green tea leaves. This tea is inspired by the vibrant Yunnan countryside in the spring, as it unfolds and reveals its delicate flowers while brewing. The dried flowers are hidden within the tea leaves, much like seeds in the earth. Simply add the tea to a glass pitcher with hot water and watch the beautiful bloom unfurl while infusing. The cup is a reflection of Yunnan's springtime, with a refreshing green taste infused with hints of peach, jasmine, and lily. It makes for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift and a delightful tea experience.

Tea Type: Green Tea, Caffeinated

Ingredients: Green tea, chrysanthemum, jasmine, and osmanthus blossoms.

Steeping Guide

1 ball per teapot

194 °F

Infuse until the ball is fully open, usually about 5 minutes

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