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Omelette On-The-Go Seasoning

Omelette On-The-Go Seasoning

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Enhance your 3-minute scrambled eggs with Omelette On-The-Go Seasoning. This expertly crafted blend adds a burst of flavor to any dish. Use it to create a delicious meal by adding a tablespoon to eggs and a splash of milk before cooking in a hot skillet. In just 3 minutes, you'll have a mouthwatering omelet. For a unique oatmeal-omelette surprise, sprinkle Omelette On-The-Go onto 5-minute oatmeal and poach an egg in it. Ideal for vegans, this seasoning is also perfect for tofu-based omelets, frittatas, and veggie-stuffed quiches. Get creative and add a generous portion of Omelette On-The-Go to bacon frittatas, pastas, and pizzas.

Ingredients: Sun-dried tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper, herbs and spices.

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