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Nutmeg - Ground

Nutmeg - Ground

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Nutmeg can naturally compliment any sweet and savory delicacy with its faint bittersweet flavors. There are actually two kinds of this spice which is obtained from the same fruit of the same nutmeg tree, namely, Nutmeg and Mace, but with a slight distinction of the latter being a bit softer in taste.

Nutmeg goes very well with baked goods such as cakes,muffins, pastries and even bread. You can’t make mind-blowing Eggnog without a dash of this spice. Make fresh fruits with whipped cream toppings a happier dessert by sprinkling nutmeg all over the top.

You can even use nutmeg on savory dishes such as meat stews and veggies just as they traditionally do in the neighboring countries of Italy and Netherlands.

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