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Garlic - Granules

Garlic - Granules

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Garlic is probably one of the most powerful spices when we talk about strength of taste. Not only that, its pungent aroma and flavor is as potent as its impact to our health, as it serves a natural antibiotic, great for cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and so much more benefits to mention.

Garlic is basic in Asian marinades to make great steaks and fried fish, good rub for roast chicken or pork together with a little salt and pepper, or add a dash of this spice to vinegar then sprinkle a bit of pepper and you get perfectly flavored fish chips sauce dip.

It’s a staple in many countries and used especially when cooking main courses wherein this spice is initially sautéed together with onions to serve an introductory flavor of hot pungency and mouth-watering aroma that’s pleasantly amplified by heat.  

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