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Cream Earl Grey Tea

Cream Earl Grey Tea

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Our Cream Earl Grey offers a delightful harmony of vanilla, bergamot orange, and premium black tea. This aromatic loose leaf tea delivers a perfect balance of flavors, inviting you to relish each sip.

Benefits To Embrace:

  • Perfect Flavor Fusion: Delight in the ideal blend of vanilla and bergamot orange.
  • Cream Earl Grey Excellence: Enjoy the richness of this distinguished black tea.
  • Loose Leaf Luxury: Appreciate superior taste and aroma with our loose-leaf tea.
  • Bulk Tea Convenience: Embrace the flexibility of bulk tea for lasting enjoyment.
  • Aromatic Enjoyment: Elevate tea-drinking moments with delightful, soothing flavors.

Crafted for tea aficionados who appreciate the art of tea, our Cream Earl Grey is a delightful escape to savoring life's simple pleasures. Ideal for anyone seeking a relaxing and enjoyable tea experience, whether unwinding solo or sharing cozy moments with loved ones.

Tea Type: Black Tea, Caffeinated

Ingredients: Black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavors.

Steeping Guide

1 tsp/8 oz cup

212 °F

3-7 minutes

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