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Blue Ceramic Teapot with Infuser Basket

Blue Ceramic Teapot with Infuser Basket

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32oz Teapot made from high-fired stoneware which enhances heat retention. Each piece is unique with subtle variegated coloring and texture. The exterior of the teapot is a specialty formulated clay enriched with minerals and finished with a reactive glaze to create an organic texture. Dripless pour spout which pours smoothly. Includes a removable ultra-fine stainless steel mesh infuser which provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for the tea to expand and brew. Dishwasher safe. The teapot and lid are microwave safe. Do not put the stainless steel infuser in the microwave. Also do not use the teapot on the stove. Available in blue ocean and moss green. Comes in a four color gift box. Artisan design and craftsmanship. With this teapot, making a perfect cup of tea is simple and enjoyable.

Capacity: 32 oz

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