How to make cold-brew tea

  • Place 7 tbsps of your choice of loose-leaf tea  in a half-gallon sized pitcher
  • You can either use a pitcher with a strainer, or strain the tea leaves after the tea is brewed
  • Pour filtered water over the tea leaves, until all the leaves are submerged and the pitcher is full. Filtered water allows for a better water quality, and thus leads to enhanced tasting notes for the tea.
  • Place the pitcher in the fridge, and let it sit overnight 
  • Strain the tea leaves from the pitcher
  • Serve over ice!
  • Cold brewing tea is a super easy way to get a chilled cup of brewed tea first thing in the morning, and allows for a smoother flavor to be infused into the water.
  • Teas that work best for this are: black teas, green teas, and certain herbal teas

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