Shafa Blends is moving to Rockville!

Why are we moving?

When we opened up in our shop in Gaithersburg in early 2018, and were excited to have a space to implement the grand vision we had for Shafa Blends. If you visited our shop, you'll know that it was cozy, but also limited in availability of space.

We have been bursting at the seams for a while, and were planning this move to occur right around when COVID-19 started to spread in our area. With the growing pandemic and the resulting restrictions and precautions, we closed our store for in-store shopping in March, and since then have offered our blends through our online store for shipping and curbside pick-up, as well as farmers' markets. As you know, these are hard times for small businesses, and we've had to pivot, re-structure, and re-think the vision that we had for the future of Shafa Blends. 

"Shafa" means "healing" in Farsi, and our mission is to create blends that make you better. In the past few months we've continued to hear from our dear friends and customers about how our blends help them, add color to their everyday lives, and motivate them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We kept this in mind while deciding on how we should scale our operations during these uncertain times. Your support inspired us to keep on going on, do what we can to offer the best products and experience, while keeping the authenticity and integrity of our hand-crafted blends intact.

Darioush and Farah, the backbone of the operation, pour love into each and every batch of tea and spice blends made. We are passionate about new ways to bring spices and teas in your life, and offering experiences that are unique and unforgettable. This move will help us get so many of our goals closer to reality: creating tea and spice blends with local dehydrated herbs, curated subscription boxes, expanded local collaborations, giving back to our community, and more!

We are currently working on improvements in our new space, which means we won't be re-opening for in-store shopping just yet; however our online store will continue to operate as usual (please continue to support the USPS!), and we will also be adding Local Delivery to our online store next week!

We heavily rely on the support of our community to take these next steps, and would greatly appreciate if you spread the word! We will be sending more emails with the updates on the new space, but in the meantime would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

With love,

The Shafa Blends family
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