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Lemon Pepper Blend

Lemon Pepper Blend

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Lemon pepper is forever. No one will probably ever grow out of its classic flavor. It’s like grandma’s fine cooking which timelessly takes you back to your happy childhood days!

But when grandma needs some time off the kitchen, let our Lemon Pepper take over!

This feisty seasoning will gladly give you the classical back-to-the-future feel from scrupulously scraped zest of rightly picked lemons and peppercorns that are as seriously black and as cracked as can be! Among others old-timer ingredients are cumin, red pepper, oregano, thyme, onion, garlic, citric acid, paprika. Doesn’t this just give you a nostalgic feel?

Rubbadub-dub, rub it onto a whole chicken which you’re about to roast! Or onto a pretty pinkish piece of salmon dish just before you wrap it with a foil onto the scorching grill!

What else? Sprinkle this blend on veggie salads or steamed vegetables to give it a kick of zest and pitch of spice. Use it as a pork or beef marinade or add to pasta to taste. Heck, use in on everything for the good old times’ sake! 

Whoever said Lemon Peppers are old school? Well, okay, maybe it kind of is but it’s absolutely the quaint kind of taste that I wouldn’t mind having to do with from time to time to time!


Lemon peel, black pepper, cumin, red pepper, oregano, thyme, onion, garlic, citric acid, paprika

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