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With Zaatar, an ultimate spice blend that holds a time-honored taste of the Middle Eastern, you can now have a bite of its authentic feel right at the ease of your own dwelling. 

Basically, this not-so-ordinary spice is a mix of power herbs in the company of perfectly toasted sesame seeds and dried ground sumac berries, with which the latter is believed of having tons of properties that are beneficial to health. Go figure, this herb has earned its name throughout the Bible for its healing properties.



Sesame Seed, Thyme, Sumac, salt, spices, canola oil


One traditional way of having Zaatar is to simply mix it with some olive oil, and voila! You get to have a dip or fillings for Pita, which is a kind of Arabic or Syrian flatbread that’s a very common chow to folks from these neighboring countries. No Pita? No problem, simply spread ‘em on your favorite toast in the morning, which is a great way to have your breakfast, at the same time, you get the advantage to your diet and wellbeing at every heavenly bite.

Feeling a little bit more innovative? Level up your dips and spreads and whip up this spice into your favorite brand of ricotta, sour cream and even butter. Heck, you can use it as seasoning for home-cooked meats and veggies even! 

I got to say, with Zaatar spice blend on your kitchen closet, the delicious possibilities are just limitless. 

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