Tandoori Spice Blend

Tandoori Spice Blend

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Presenting, one of our clever adaptations of the Indian spices, Tandoori Chicken seasoning.

Tandoori cuisine is very well renowned Indian cuisine for its brilliantly intense red hue as it is cooked slowly to perfection inside a brick clay oven at high heat. This makes each and every dish irresistibly enticing not only to the taste buds but for eye as well. 

Now, this Tandoori premix is able to give you delectably bright red dishes all thanks to cayenne pepper, paprika, and some beet and tomato powder which tot up a scarlet delight, plus more wonderful medley of salt, spices, lemon peel, and garlic!

But of course, let’s not forget, Tandoori wouldn’t be Tandoori if not done the Tandoori way! Make great use of your good ol’ brick clay oven and preheat it to its hottest Fahrenheit while you prepare. For the marinade, simply mix a quarter of a cup of this seasoning with a cup of yogurt. Combine marinade with perfectly cut lamb, beef, chicken breast or any poultry you like in a sealed container for two hours or more. Then, before popping it into the oven, level it up by rubbing in a handful more of that Tandoori seasoning.

Don’t have a brick oven? No problemo, a simple oven or an outdoor grill will do just the same, and you can leave the rest of the palatable work to our Tandoori Seasoning. Surely after, the product will be a delicious well-done crimson-coloured pleasure you’ll never forget!

Ingredients: chili, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, mace, methi leaves, beet powder, and spices.

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