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Paella Seasoning

Paella Seasoning

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The bountiful land of Spain has long been blessed with an abundance of world-class cuisines that have earned good repute to its folks and to other people around the world ever since the mid-nineteenth century. However, one stood the test of time, stood out and is ever since considered as the national dish of Spain – Paella. 

With the brilliant innovation of today’s culinary industry, the national flavors of Spain can now be found in a premium blended premix! Presenting, Shafa Blends' Paella Seasoning.

If you’re craving for a meaty type of this Spanish dish, by all means, recreate your Paella with shredded or small cut chicken meat, it really wouldn’t matter as long as you are using this paella seasoning.

All thanks to Shafa Blends' Paella Seasoning, you can now experience world class Paella within the space of your own kitchen!


Saffron, Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Spices, Salt

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