Canadian Steak Rub
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Canadian Steak Rub


They say that one way to someone’s heart is through his or her stomach.That being said, the perfect date that you’ve been longing to happen may be at stake if you’re just going to settle for something less like a dry and loveless steak for dinner.

Don’t let that happen! Save the date and kick it up a notch with the right seasoning – our Canadian Steak Blend.

With immaculately selected spices interspersed with chile pepper, garlic, and sea salt, you can best expect this steak blend to take you across different regions in just a single bite – all thanks to the Canadian Cuisine for their cleverly diverse dishes which have been influenced by different cultures.

So don’t wait! Get ready ahead of time and liberally rub this seasoning onto your preferred type of meat – beef, lamb or pork, whichever you think is best. As for marinades, mix 1/4 cup of this seasoning with half a cup of red wine vinegar. Finally, pour marinade onto the meat in an air-tight container and let it sit the whole day in the fridge. You bet at dinner it will be as good as ready for some good good grilling, just as you are ready for some good good loving! 

With our Canadian Steak Blend, make a lovely succulent dinner for your special someone as romantically irresistible as you are!


Paprika, Garlic, Spices, Salt, Chile Pepper