Ancho honey citrus in tin
Ancho honey citrus in bag

Shafa Blends

Ancho Honey Citrus


Sometimes, you got to treat your food like how you treat your lover. You heard that right!

You must know how to be sweet and always be up and at it, but at the same time, you got to spice things up a little every so often. See, love in itself has its own balance designed by nature. Gladly, an awesome group of culinary team has designed that same kind of balance for your food!

Our Ancho Honey Citrus Spice is a divine blend of sweet, spice and everything nice. Go ahead and use it on marinades, stews, soups and whatever cuisine you’d want to add a little love on. You can even toss your chicken wings, onion rings, fries or any of your all-time favourite finger food with this flavourful mix.

Another fine way to use this spice is to rub it on a loveless piece of meat – pork, chicken, fish or beef; hey, you’re the boss – until it’s evenly covered with it. Then, give the spice and the meat some “time alone” in the fridge overnight while you go and have yourself some good time, too. Next day, take out the lovely piece of meat for slow cooking or grilling and then prepare your palate for some bursting flavours of honey sweetness, citrus peels and Ancho chile spices. In case, after tasting Ancho Honey Citrus Spice and you get lost for words, that there, my friend, is what love feels like inside your mouth.


Dried chiles, dried honey (sugar, honey), salt, natural flavors, paprika, onion, garlic, dried cane syrup, citric acid, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), mace