Eucalyptus Boost Tea

Eucalyptus Boost Tea


Eucalyptus leaf has been long used for boosting our immune system and respiratory relief. Combined with peppermint, it bring a fresh and cool taste to the brewed cup. Ginger helps with soothing common cold symptoms, and the rest of the herbs help relax the body for faster recovery.

Tea Type: Wellness Herbal, caffeine-free

Ingredients:  Eucalyptus leaf, mullein leaf, ginger, thyme, tulsi, peppermint

  • Eucalyptus leaf is used to boost the immune system*
  • Peppermint has a cooling effect, and helps with respiratory relief
  • Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, which helps with reducing stress and anxiety
Steeping Guide

Hot: 1 tsp/cup

Iced: 2 tsp/cup

195 °F 6-8 minutes