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Chili Powder


Chili is the renegade spice of all spices and there’s certainly no doubt about it. However, there are a lot of typical powdered peppers out in the market that just don’t have the magic in them. 

Luckily, our Chili Powder is not just your ordinary supermarket saver kind of a powdered pepper. This prizefighter spice is made of finely selected ground chili, convoyed with paprika, salt, spices, and garlic. Definitely far from the ordinary!

In fact, there are dozens of ways that you can use this chili charm, you know. Go and have it as a rub for your grubs of juicy meat, pork chops, lamb chops, beef, barbecue, spare ribs, or any kind of poultry that you like, upgrade your chili con carne to its pointblank chilliest, and even sprinkle it on your favorite tacos to make your Mexican snack more magical.

Oh, come on! You know what I mean when I say dozens, right? With a dash of Chili Powder, any dish can turn into an enchantingly piquant and flavorful treat!


Ground chiles, paprika, salt, garlic, spices