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Poultry Rub


You don’t really need to wait for Thanksgiving to hanker after something as delicious as a Thanksgiving Turkey. With our Poultry Seasoning, you can live every day as if it’s Thanksgiving Day.

This blend is cleverly equipped with spices that complement the natural flavorful juices of poultry meat.  

Slather this mixture all over your dressed turkey or use it as a marinade to bathe it with. Before you roast and pop the big bird into the oven, be sure to go under the skins, too, just so you can take full advantage of its savory flavors once cooked.

Use in variety of poultry dishes, come on! Make a marinade for BBQ wings during outdoor grilling, blend it with any ordinary breading mix to make not only crunchy but delectably flavorful friend chicken. Flavor up an unexciting chicken soup so you can eat for your soul as well and not only for your tummy’s delight!

There’s a flock of reasons why you would want this feather-loving seasoning around your kitchen.


spices, salt, granulated honey (sugar, honey), onion, garlic, lemon peel, crushed red pepper, (contains mustard)