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The Golden Wellness Series


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Learn how to create mindful routine and ritual in order to cultivate and maintain psychological and spiritual health during our fall Golden Wellness series. 

You will leave each session with a newfound knowledge on a tool or a concept you’ll be able to practice daily in order to stay centered no matter what comes your way.

What to expect:

• An hour long yin restorative yoga session led by Yoga Sihnuu

• A discussion that'll cover sets of tools to create routines and rituals that fit your life

• Some comforting turmeric lattes provided by Shafa Blends

• Good times! 

November 4th Session 

We will kick off the series with yoga as a wholistic tool. Participants will explore what it means to practice yoga off of the mat and incorporate it into their everyday lives in order to live their most balanced existence, feel at peace, attract abundance and be in harmony with the world around them.